Board rules (English)

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Board rules (English)

Post by boardadmin » July 23rd, 2017, 10:30 pm

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on keweon Privacy Online Cloud. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

1. Scope

1. A prerequisite for use of the forum is to register via the online form. After registering on the online form in the forum you get a confirmation email to verify your data sent, with which you can confirm your registration with a mouse click. With the activation of your account by the provider, is the gratuitous use of Board contract is (contract).

2. Copyright

1. Uploading pictures whose copyright does not possess it, is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate blocking and deletion of the account.
The webmaster assume that it concerns with the individual contributions (postings) rule so basically not worthy of protection works within the meaning of the applicable copyright ( With regard to this deviation (by applicable law), respectively clarifying the participant agrees with the registration expressly agrees.

2. This Board deals exclusively with safety, security and privacy of different users on the Internet, in accordance with Directive 2002/58 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (OJ EC No. . L 201, 37 ff.).
We are dealing here with the areas of safety, operations or network of a Communication Service that the confidentiality of communications, with the use of cookies and the processing of traffic and location data, as well as ancillary services of telecommunications, for example, of IP addresses and URL's which could pull the naming of trademarks and trade names for themselves. In the German legal area for copyright, it does not require labeling, copyright is given by law.
The mention of such names, trademarks and / or their rights holders that are protected by copyright, are merely editorial or comparative purposes and thus provide no legal claim to the named names, trademarks and / or whose owners are by the author.
The naming of the selfsame name, trademarks and / or their rightholders the absence of a copyright notice in the individual contributions by the author is here solely for editorial purposes and in no case of copyright infringement in accordance with §§ 14 para. 2 no. 2, para. 4 trademark is because in this board there is no used as a trademark. From such use to author and board operators dissociate alike.

3. This does not apply of course the mention of editorial content and other works. Here are mandatory to mention the contribution according to the author and / or source information. Contributions are without stating the author and / or source quoted or recited, they will be immediately deleted without proper warning.

3. Registration and contract

1. Contract is the free use of the functions of the forum as an online communication platform. To this end, you as a user an "account" is provided, with which you can adjust registration posts and topics in the forum and subject matter.

2. There are basically no legal claim to activation or Participation in the forum. It is the unrestricted domestic authority of the operator.

3. Your forum account may be used only by yourself. Likewise, you will be responsible as the owner of the account to protect against its misuse. Your credentials are therefore to be protected against access by third parties. The use of trademarked words and Internet addresses as username (nickname) are not allowed and accounts with such name will be immediately blocked or deleted.

4. The provider will endeavor to provide the service without disruption to the schedule. Even with great care downtime can not be ruled out, in which the Web server due to technical or other problems that are not within the control of the provider (third party fault, force majeure, attacks on infrastructure by hackers, etc.) over the Internet not is available. The user acknowledges that a 100% availability of the website is technically impossible to achieve

5. The provider reserves the right to change the content and structure of the platform and the associated interfaces and expand when in this way the purpose of the settlement agreed with the user contract is not affected or not irrelevant. The provider will inform accordingly about the changes the user.

6. The purpose of the Forum is directed to the public "marketplace of public opinion." It should therefore be maintained among the users a peaceful and respectful behavior without insulting hostility.

4. Duties as forums users

1. As a user you're bound that you will not post that might violate these rules, the morality or otherwise violate applicable German law.

2. It is especially forbidden to you:
  • publish insulting or untrue contents

  • to send spam through the system to other users

  • by law, in particular by the copyright and trademark rights to use protected content without authorization

  • practices considered unfair competition

  • repeatedly adjust your theme on this site (prohibition of double postings)

  • Publish press articles without permission of the copyright of third parties in the Forum

  • To advertise in the forum of any kind. This also applies to so called subliminal advertising in particular to link your homepage with or without
    Beitext in the signature or within messages. Homepage URLs and address or contact information may only be published in the Forum user profile.

  • As a user you agree not before publishing your posts and threads to check this to see if these contain information that you do not want to publish. Your posts and topics can be listed in search engines and thus accessible worldwide. A claim for deletion or correction of such entries in relation to the search engine provider is generally excluded.

  • Any violations, in particular against the rules above No.4 Para. a) and b) the provider can irrespective of a termination, impose sanctions on the users

  • Penalties may include the following actions

  • Deletion or modification of content that has set the user

  • Issue a warning in digital Forum

5. Blocking access to the Forum

1. The provider is also entitled to block you as a user access to the online platform, if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that you have violated these Terms of Use. You can avert these measures when you suspect ausräumst by documentary proof, at his own expense.

2. Should third parties or other users take the seller because of possible legal violations in claim that a) of the content posted by you as a user arising and / or b) arising from the use of the provider's services through you as a user, you commit yourself as a user, the provider from any claims, including claims for damages, indemnify and the seller to replace the costs incurred because of the possible infringement thereof. The provider is particularly exempted from the costs of legal defense. The provider is entitled to demand this of you as a user an appropriate advance. As a user you are obliged to support the provider in good faith with information and documents in a legal defense against third parties. All further rights and claims for damages from the vendor are not affected. If you do not have to represent the user the possible violation of the law, do not pass the aforementioned obligations.

6. Transfer of rights

1. The copyright for your topics and posts, in so far as these are copyrightable, basically remain with you as a user. However, You agree that the seller with setting a theme or post the right to permanently reproach the subject or the article on its website. In addition, the seller has the right to delete your threads and posts, edit, move or close.

2. The aforementioned rights of use shall remain in case of termination of the forum account.

7. Limitation of liability

1. The provider of the forum takes no responsibility for the content set in the Forum, in particular not for its accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

2. The provider is liable for intent and gross negligence and breach of an essential contractual obligation. Material contractual obligations are those the fulfillment of which renders a correct execution of the contract and on whose compliance the signatory can trust regularly. The provider is liable under the limitation on compensation for the foreseeable upon conclusion of contract typical damage for such damages which are based on a slightly negligent breach of essential contractual obligations by him or one of his legal representatives or agents. In case of negligent breach of secondary obligations that are not essential contractual obligations, the provider is not liable. The liability for damages that fall within the scope of a providers guarantee or warranty and liability for claims under the Product Liability Act and damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health remains unaffected.
7. Term & Termination of the contract
1. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
2. Either party may terminate this Agreement without notice.
3. The provider is entitled after termination of this user contract Board to terminate the user's access. The provider is entitled but not obliged, in the event of termination to delete content created by you as a user. A claim from you as a user to transfer the content created is excluded.
8. Choice of Law
1. On the contractual relationship between the provider and the user, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Excluded from this choice of law are the mandatory consumer protection provisions of the country in which the user has his habitual residence.
9. Communication
1. Please, thank you, be patient with newcomers are simple. Compliments belong to personal messages (PN). Accusations and insults have nothing here to look. Offend you something, easy going over it, because usually it's just a misunderstanding.
2. Uses please the search function before you ask. If you will find you have spared you and others much trouble. Above all this is but the quickest way to arrive at a solution of your problem.
3. For clarity, divided Subforums the categories. Selects the right of me. As fast as someone who can help you is, come to your question.
4. If the headline meaningful describes the problem, a quick fix is likely. In addition, visitors will find later with the same problem more quickly the subject (Better "problems with the URL XYZ" as "Internet does not work"). Please pay particular attention to in the heading for spelling mistakes. Multiple letters and punctuation marks, and upper case disturb the clarity (for example: "HHHEEEEEELLLPPPPPP!!!").
5. Remember that questions are always answered willingly and aid workers make an effort. So give yourselves also trouble in the formulation, spelling and formatting. Sentences without commas obscure. Understandable questions often help hundreds (in conjunction with the answers) Another reader! Questions via email or personal message (PN) are answered as good as ever and act very annoying. Please waived, unless you ask someone specifically requested.
6. Selects carefully from questions that interest you, and to you know a good answer. Single-line hints lead to frequent requests, making the contribution and confusing for visitors later worthless. Clear and detailed answers to help according to experience not only the questioner but up to one hundred readers. Moreover, such contributions have to be taken up the opportunity in the FAQ. In exceptional cases, it is useful to supplement answers. A Trump but is considered rude. Likewise contributions "solved Thank problem - please close" their answer is. Such entries are deleted not only immediately, but the entire thread is removed because the Board is unfortunately only senseless waste. If your question is and then it alone is the solution, please write also how did you solved the. Poke we act on such contributions, the Board Moderators promptly accordingly.
7. You must always ask questions. This is normal and annoying anyone. A "thank you has helped" pleased your helper and later signaled to readers that the response was good. Beat please before particularly good answers to interesting questions for the FAQ.
8. Someone was able to help? Then also try to find issues where you can help others. The principle of a forum is always: get help and support!
9. With quotations should be used sparingly. Please no text quoted from the same sites and shortened as much as possible.
10. The signature must including salutation maximum 4 (only better 2) contain rows in normal size. Graphics, links, domain names and mail addresses are not allowed.
11. Please never send twice the same subject, not in different sub forums and even every few days. Should a subject be disregarded, give yourself a few days even an answer -> This makes the topic will appear at the top again! Against Crosspostings (the questions were asked already in other communities) we have nothing, considering, however, that these in almost every other forum communities are not welcome. Notes with links on Crosspostings interfere and are not here desired.
12. Specifically prohibited are particularly violent, discriminatory, inhuman or otherwise criminal utterances. Also links to sites with such content. We also prohibit links unrelated to the topic or in commercial intention and the disclosure of email addresses.
10. Violations of these rules
1. Who is against the rules, is admonished.
2. Who continued despite warnings against the rules, can be ruled out completely at the Forum from participation temporarily.
3. If contributions have offensive ode illegal content, the administration reserves the right to change these to the list.
4. The following applies: Whoever willfully violates repeatedly violated these rules, must expect to be excluded temporarily or even for life on the forum.
5. Topics and posts that violate these rules will be deleted without comment if necessary.
6. Personal differences are so unsubscribe exclusively via email outside the wBB.
11. Thanks to
1. We thank the Forum for submission of the rules and the imprint that we have partly taken over and expanded accordingly. Unfortunately, we could not embed the HTML code directly to this board and would like to thank in this way with you.

Thanks for the great template!
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